Wednesday, February 03, 2010

48 ...

On Sunday 1/31 DDTF celebrated his 48th birthday. For those who don’t already know, DDTF is Daniel, my wonderful husband. I could get all schmaltzy and soppy and list an A-Z of positive and colorful adjectives to describe him, but for those who know him, that won’t be necessary. DDTF stands for DAN DAN THE FIREMAN.

Soon after settling into our new town when we arrived in the States, Daniel came home one day and told me that he had stopped in at the local firehouse and signed up as a volunteer. Ours is one of many volunteer emergency services. I was shocked and had mixed feelings about it. My first reaction was that as far as I am concerned, the idea is to run out of a burning building and not into it by choice. He was adamant though that this was something he wanted to do and felt that the knowledge he would gain from his training as a medical first responder would also stand us in good stead in terms of my disability. (I tend to throw myself at the ground from time to time involuntarily so I guess living with a first responder is quite a plus even though I have begged him to go to beauty school and get a hairdresser license!)

Being part of a volunteer department extends way beyond answering 911 ambulance and fire calls. These men and women go through ongoing training programs, attend drills, serve their community with all sorts of events. The department hosts an annual family festival which boasts one of the best fireworks displays in our county. They deliver fire awareness programs in the public schools and more. There are families in this department whose lives revolve around the firehouse, its members and its place in the community.

Memorial Day Parade 2009 - Second from left Assistant Drill Master DDTF in charge of the Color Guard.

(Pizzeria in background is to confirm that we are in a small American town. Volunteer fire fighters and pizza go hand-in-hand.)

What amazes me about these people is how they take it in their stride. To wake up out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night or early in the morning and rush out on an ambulance call certainly gets the adrenaline going. To come home a short time later knowing that you have just played an integral role in saving someone’s life has to be a most humbling experience.

I feel honored to be able to talk about my husband this way. I feel blessed to be his wife and I am grateful for him being the father of my children.

These pics show the two life saving awards that DDTF has earned.