Monday, March 08, 2010


The video clip you can watch here is the motivation for this post.

I didn’t get to see INVICTUS and am waiting for it to come out on DVD. I have said many times here that I am not a political thinker and I don’t even understand the rules of the game of Rugby. I do however remember the day South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 1995. DDTF and I were living in Amsterdam and watched the game on TV. From the first game played, I predicted a win for South Africa.

The best way I could describe why I was so certain South Africa would win was by saying, “We had to!” It made no sense for any other country to win the Rugby World Cup as far as I was concerned.

I haven’t been back to South Africa in going on eleven years now. Friends and relatives who do visit more frequently tell me of the demise of the country as we knew it. Stories in the news and more personal accounts in emails of the crime, violence, failing infrastructure etc. are frequent and ongoing.

In spite of all this, I would love to be there for the Soccer World Cup. Whether the story told in IVICTUS is accurate or not, whether it is realistic or not, this clip captures for me what is the heart and soul of the place I call home. I can’t be any more specific in describing it because for me it is all in the feeling.

What comes through so clearly in this clip is something I believe in very strongly. While actions speak louder than words, anyone can do anything. We can extend gestures to others and we can do things to and for each other, but what matters most is what is at the heart of those actions. While the things we do can be seen by others, our motivation behind those actions are at the source; in that place where no-one else can see or hear what you do, except you. It is therefore imperative to keep that place true to yourself and the people around you. The essence of who you are lies in what you do when no-one else is watching and in the thoughts and emotions you have that no-one else can see or hear.

In the context of the South African spirit that is depicted in this clip, I believe South Africa will prove itself to be a perfect host to the Soccer World Cup and I am confident that every international visitor will leave there with a little spark in their hearts of that African magic that I believe will always exist.